Dental Veneers

Perfectly healthy teeth are white, strong and durable. This is because the outer layer of each tooth is made up of a substance called enamel. Enamel is made from micro-crystals of minerals like calcium and fluoride, which is why dentists often recommend supplementing your diet with these substances.

Unfortunately, damaged enamel does not grow back and the tissue beneath enamel is much softer, sensitive and less durable. This means that once there’s a break in the enamel, whether due to tooth decay, a chipped tooth or something else – it’s very easy to lose a tooth completely.

Fortunately, there’s a way to replace your enamel, restoring your teeth to their original look and function.

Veneers are manmade enamel. They’re made from modern ceramics that replicate the look, feel and shape of a natural tooth almost completely. They can also be given any shape, allowing dentists to fix misshapen or oddly spaced teeth without using implants, crowns, etc. Veneers can perfectly match the color of your natural teeth, restore a tooth to its original feel and function after a chip or cavity and be replaced anytime.

All of these advantages mean you can get naturally white, healthy-looking teeth for as long as you want. And if you decide to change something, it’s as simple as changing your veneers.

Getting Veneers

The procedure for getting veneers is very simple. First, a dentist measures your bite and each individual tooth before making a technical specification just for you. Then, a set of veneers is manufactured by a technician, usually at a separate facility.

After this, your dentist removes a microlayer of enamel from your teeth to make space for the veneers. The next step is to take the veneers and attach them in a seamless, glove-tight fit.

Once this is done, you’ve got a set of tough, healthy-looking veneers that look and feel just like a perfect set of natural teeth that can last for years and decades. The material we use is medical-grade “composite porcelain”, which is extremely durable and hard.

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