TMJ Disorder

The human jaw houses the strongest single muscle in your body: the masseter. The humble masseter can produce a biting force of as much as 200 pounds through your molars, making it extremely powerful indeed.

To harness and direct all of this power, your jaw contains a number of bones, joints and soft tissue types that work together in unison. One of these, the temporomandibular joint, is particularly important because it works like a hinge that connects the lower and upper jaws.

The TMJ is hardy and strong, but because it’s just one joint, it’s also susceptible to disorders, wear and tear. If it’s been compromised, your jaw can lose its function and eventually deteriorate due to rubbing and grinding inside the joint.

To prevent this from happening, it's best to come in and see a doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms in yourself or someone you know.

TMJ Symptoms

The most common symptoms of TMJ are rather benign:

  • Popping and clicking sounds when a jaw opens, especially to yawn
  • A lower jaw that sometimes feels like it's moving left, right or all around
  • Pain and tension in the jaw and neck muscles (This can sometimes result in headaches and earaches)

These symptoms should be addressed as soon as possible, because the longer you put off getting appropriate TMJ treatment, the more extensive the damage can be.

If you suspect that you, or someone you know, has TMJ, don't delay. Check out the treatments we offer at our clinic below and call us if you'd like a free quote or consultation.

TMJ Treatments

Most TMJ treatments are completely non-invasive including temperature therapy;over-the-counter or prescription medication that helps the jaw heal quickly; and rest combined with treatments.

There are only two common scenarios in which surgery may be required. The first is sports injury, especially if it's from a hard object. The second is long-term overuse injury due to a failure to treat TMJ. In these cases, surgery may be recommended to accelerate their recovery process.

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