Rear teeth, like molars and pre-molars, have up to five cusps and a groove-like indentation. This groove is a place where food and bacteria can get trapped very easily. This can lead to tooth decay, halitosis, cavities and enamel micro fissures.

Fortunately, there’s a safe way to seal the indentations in your molars and pre-molars before they ever get a chance to decay or get damaged.

Sealants for Children

Young children and teens are often unaware that something is wrong with their teeth until they feel pain. To prevent this from happening, many parents are electing to get sealants in order to keep kids’ teeth healthy.

Sealant Materials

Modern sealants are typically made from medical-grade composite resin, silicone or a mix of both. Sealants can be made to release fluoride over time, giving your teeth the mineral they need to stay strong and healthy-looking. All the materials used in our clinic are both durable and 100% safe for kids and adults.

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