Pediatric Dentistry

A child’s body is different than an adult’s and teeth are no exception. For starters, young children have “milk teeth”, also known as deciduous teeth. These are very different from adult teeth and require different tools and solutions to treat.

There’s also the psychological aspect. Children can be unaware if dental problems at some times and hypersensitive at others. It’s important that a doctor understands this and helps your child feel comfortable and confident in the dentist’s office.

To address all these unique needs, we have fully trained pediatric dentists for all of the below services.

The First Visit

Our doctors are willing and able to guide a child through their very first visit to the dentist. To speed things along, this first visit is usually introductory. It’s important for a child to feel at ease with a specialist before any important procedures happen.

Complete Check-Ups

Getting regular dental check-ups and cleanings is an important part of proper dental hygiene. This applies to children as well as adults, and missing cleanings can result in pain and discomfort for a child. If you’re a parent or guardian, you can be extra-efficient and see an “adult” dentist while your child sees a pediatric one.

Preventive Treatments

Our clinic offers a variety of preventive treatments that can help to protect children’s teeth from problems as they grow.

Sealants for molars and pre-molar teeth. These go over the deep grooves in a child’s back teeth. These grooves are usually the first places to develop tooth decay because of how often food gets trapped there. Sealants protect these teeth from bacteria growth.

Fluoride treatment. Fluoride is one of the main nutrients that forms the micro-crystals that make up tooth enamel. Children need a lot of it, because their teeth are actively growing. Professional fluoride treatments help prevent fluoride deficiency.


A chipped, damaged, broken or discolored tooth can be a major cause for embarrassment and discomfort. Good news is, our dentists are fully equipped to give a child a healthy, natural-looking smile quickly.

Emergency Dentistry

Things happen, especially when with children. We understand this, which is why we’re happy to treat our little patients immediately or expediently in emergencies. Never hesitate to call us if your child, or someone else’s, needs urgent help!

Would you like to know more, schedule an appointment or get a quote on any of the services listed on our website? Just call us today at (732) 290-1660. Our staff members will be happy to assist and guide you with any and all questions you may have.

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"I always recommend them to everyone I know. The best dental care and staff around. They respect your time and value you as a patient. What more can you ask for?"

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"I was having trouble with a tooth that another dentist performed a root canal on. I called Acadia Dental and they were more than accommodating. They fit me in immediately. Dr. Nazzaro is very professional. The staff are very helpful and sympathetic (we had to pull the tooth). The facility is newly renovated and very clean."

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