Crowns and Bridges

Losing teeth is unpleasant on many levels. For starters, tooth gaps are unpleasant aesthetically and can make us feel self-conscious about speaking and smiling. Then there’s the question of having difficulty chewing without a full mouth of teeth. Additionally, when a tooth is gone, the jawbone it was in deteriorates. Eventually, it can become impossible to get an implant without bone grafting.

For all these reasons, it’s best to protect your natural teeth and/or replace missing ones quickly. Not only will this help a patient get their quality of life back, it’s a prudent way to maintain jawbone mass and prevent complications and unnecessary surgeries down the line. The two most common and effective ways to do this are crowns and bridges. Here’s what you need to know.


A crown is essentially an artificial tooth-shaped “cap” that goes over an implant or organic tooth matter. When a lot of a tooth is gone, and minor measures like fillings and onlays are no longer an option, it’s best to save what’s left by putting a crown over it.

The great news is that modern crowns are indistinguishable from real teeth. They’re made from high-tech “dental porcelain”, which is extremely durable. They can be shaped and colored to be a perfect match for your natural teeth and like natural teeth, crowns will usually last for years or decades. This is why crowns are one of the most common medical procedures in dentistry.

Getting a crown is easy. You come in, get assessed by a dentist, then wait for the doctor to get a custom crown made for you by a dental technician. Once that’s over, you come in and the crown goes in your mouth. That’s it!


If you have teeth that are missing completely, and can’t get an implant, bridges may be the perfect option. They are, as the name suggests, “bridges” on which one or several crowns are installed. The bridge is then attached to the teeth on either side of the gap, giving you as many as three crowns with no need for surgery or implants.

Bridges are a perfect solution for those waiting to get implants. They’re also a smart choice for anyone who’s older, because they give an instant alternative to crowns and can be installed quickly.

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